Enrichment Students On A Mission in Washington, D.C.

February 13, 2018

By Jennifer Shabahang 

In May 2017, approximately 70 elementary and middle school students in the district's gifted program visited the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.  Ms. Sydney Edwards, gifted advisor to middle school students last year, felt that the museum would satisfy her students' interest in technology and dramatic expression. When she initially looked into the possibility of a field trip, funding was not available. Luckily, funds from a generous donor to the Green Dragon Foundation became available and the trip was planned. 

Students enjoyed the interactive exhibits such as crawling through duct work, and simulating hanging from a helicopter like James Bond.  Additionally 4th through 8th graders participated in STEM workshops led by museum staff. After visiting the museum, students and their chaperones had some free time to explore other important sites in Washington, D.C. Several groups walked across the street to the National Portrait Museum where they viewed the official portraits of U.S. Presidents and other famous Americans.  Some groups walked a few blocks to the White House while others explored the sculpture gardens and fountains of the National Mall.

Ruby Lock, a current 5th grader, enjoyed discovering how spies disguised their weapons and noted that, ironically, the museum was bugged so that they could spy on their fellow students. Gifted education teacher, Ms. Bonnie Hetherington, asked her students to write thank you notes to the Green Dragon Foundation. Not only did the students highlight what they liked best about the the trip but they understood that a donation was made allowing them to have this experience and they were very grateful.

The Green Dragon Foundation is very thankful to our donors who make experiences like this one a reality for students throughout LASD.

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