Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is The Green Dragon Foundation (GDF)?

A. GDF is a community-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to enhance our student experience, assist our teachers and staff, and enrich our community by raising funds to support the priorities of the Lewisburg Area School District.

Q. How is GDF different from other organizations (e.g. the LAHS Alumni Association or the Lewisburg Green Dragon Sports Boosters)?

A. GDF is unique in that it strives to raise significant resources through professional fundraising methods to enable programs, projects and capital improvements which will benefit the entire district. GDF fully endorses the above organizations for the important services they provide to all current and graduated high school students.

Q. Is GDF part of LASD?

A. No. GDF is a separate and independent 501(c)(3) organization. Board members are from the business community and community-at-large. LASD superintendent, Dr. Jennifer Polinchock, and School Board President, Jordan Fetzer, serve as Advisors to the Board and have no voting authority. GDF is fully endorsed by the LASD School Board.


Q. What are the priorities and “Unique Opportunities” of The Green Dragon Foundation?

A. LASD determines its own educational, cultural, athletic, and capital improvement priorities. GDF then determines whether a particular LASD program or project becomes a fundraising priority for its organization. In general, GDF raises funds to support annual district-wide academic, athletic, cultural, health & wellbeing, and community engagement/citizenship programs and permanent endowments. There is a focus on:

  • Academics - Instructional and learning support programs and curricular priorities
  • Arts - Visual and performing arts
  • Athletics - Junior high and high school teams
  • Health & Well-Being - Mental health programs and social/emotional support for students
  • Community Engagement/Citizenship - Programs that strengthen relationships between students and the community

Ultimately, GDF aims to raise significant funds to facilitate the realization of Excellence & Equity 2025, the district’s strategic plan, augment long-term endowments, and ultimately serve as the catalyst for the “good intentions” of individuals, companies, and organizations that wish to help LASD reach its “dream” of becoming the best school district in the nation.

Q. Why should I contribute to GDF when I already pay taxes to LASD?

A. Because program enhancement opportunities continue to exceed the capacity of traditional funding sources (e.g. tax revenues and state/federal government support) – a trend that is unfortunately likely to continue. GDF encourages businesses and individuals in the Lewisburg community and beyond to invest more directly and effectively in the students of the LASD. By maintaining high standards of excellence, LASD is committed to developing successful, active, informed citizens by providing each student with a personally relevant, intellectually stimulating, innovative educational program supported by caring relationships in a physically and emotionally safe learning environment.

Q. If I make a donation to GDF, am I paying for staff and operations?

A. Since office operations and staff (infrastructure) are critical to the success of our organization, a portion of all donations helps to support these. However, if a donor requests that no portion of his/her gift be used for this purpose, 100% of the gift will be used in support of the donor’s designation.

Q. How does GDF select the programs and initiatives it supports?

A. The Strategic Initiatives Committee, appointed by GDF’s Board of Directors, considers and recommends funding for LASD programs. Many programs for which the GDF Board approves funding are related to the goals set forth in the district’s strategic plan. All funding decisions are approved by the GDF Board.

Q. Are there naming opportunities or public recognition such as an annual report or plaques bearing my name for my donation, large or small?

A. Yes. Donors making contributions at or above a certain level are given the opportunity to name a special aspect of a given program or project (e.g., brick pavers, classrooms, scoreboards, etc.) at Kelly Elementary, Linntown Intermediate, DHE Middle School and LAHS. A full listing of all available naming opportunities is available from GDF upon request. GDF also established giving society levels for all donations and publishes this information, unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous, in its “Annual Report and Honor Roll of Donors” following the end of each school year. The Annual Report is also posted GDF’s website

Q. Are there opportunities to make donations in “honor of” or in “memory of” an individual or family?

A. Yes. What better way to honor or memorialize a loved one than to make a donation in his/her honor or memory.  Please contact Ann Glock at [email protected] if you are interested in more information.

Q. Can I direct my donation to a specific program/project or does it have to go to the Annual Fund?

A. Donations may be unrestricted (Annual Fund) and used for GDF’s greatest need or if at least $500, be designated for a specific LASD program or project that has already been approved by GDF’s Board of Directors. Donations under $500 can still be designated for educational, cultural, or athletic programs or capital improvement projects. If a donor wishes to make a contribution to a new program or project, GDF will serve as a liaison between the donor and the school district to facilitate definition and approval of the program or project.

Q. How do you get on the board of GDF?

A. GDF By-Laws state that the board may have as few as seven and as many as 15 board members. Currently, GDF’s board has 13 voting members and fourteen advisors who serve.  A Nominating Committee appointed by GDF’s Board of Directors oversees the process for nominating new board members. Anyone interested in serving on GDF’s Board of Directors should contact Bob Kallin, President, at [email protected].