The Green Dragon Foundation Leadership Team

April 2019 - (L to R, standing then sitting) John Donahoe, Ann Glock, Karen B. Nicholson, Jennifer K. Shabahang, Nichole D. Weber, Robert J. Kallin, J. Donald Steele, Jr., Kathy Swope, Dr. Steven Skalka, Scott G. Rosevear, Ph.D., Ed Zych, W. Gale Reish, M.D., Bill Stackhouse, Ted Strosser

The Board of Directors of The Green Dragon Foundation is a group of persons vested with the control and management of the business and affairs of the organization. Each board member must be personally committed to the support of the Lewisburg Area School District, its students, teachers and administrators.

There shall be no more than fifteen (15) and no fewer than seven (7) persons on the board. The Board is representative of diverse constituencies to provide guidance to the organization.

Members serve three-year terms. At each annual meeting in August, members shall be appointed or reappointed for those terms that have expired. No member shall serve more than three consecutive three-year terms.

The Advisory Board is a group of persons with interest and expertise in the business and affairs of the organization who are willing to serve in an advisory capacity or on special projects as needed. Advisors receive the same materials and mailings as the Board of Directors but shall not vote. There are 14 Advisory Board positions, including the LASD Superintendent and the president of the LASD School Board.

Board of Directors

Robert J. Kallin, President
Jennifer K. Shabahang, Vice-President
Nichole D. Weber, Secretary
J. Donald Steele, Jr., Treasurer
Benyam Addissie, M.D.
Katie Cavanagh
Amitpal Johal, M.D.
Corey Jusko
Matthew Markunas
Karen B. Nicholson
W. Gale Reish, M.D.
Scott G. Rosevear, Ph.D.

Advisory Board

Brianna Apfelbaum Kula, Esq.
Timothy J. Apple
John Donahoe
Jordan Fetzer, LASD President
R. Brooks Gronlund
Robert J. McCormack
Kristin R. McVicar
Dr. Jennifer Polinchock, LASD Superintendent
Bill Stackhouse
Christopher D. Still, DO
Ted Strosser